Gayle Chong Kwan

Journal Entries

'The Pan Hag'


'The Pan Hag', like the dish of panackelty, panacalty, pan haggerty, or panack, is a project that I am developing in East Durham, which focuses on place, people and processes in which different elements, often local, everyday, or leftover, are brought together and shared. The 'panhin' is an old English word for a small cooking pan, and the casseroled dish consists of meat (corned beef, bacon, sausages or black pudding), root vegetables, or potatoes and cheese, which is cooked throughout the day in an oven pot on low heat and is usually served in the dish in which it is cooked. Historically a favourite of miners and shipyard workers, hundreds of variations of the dish are passed down through the generations, with the name possibly deriving from 'hashed' as in 'chopped', or from 'ragged' for its irregular appearance. Variations on the dish appear in different guises all over the world, from French potato gratin, to Scottish stovie and Welsh onion cake. Artist Gayle Chong Kwan takes the role of ‘The Pan Hag’, a character who, like the dish, collects, records and shares East Durham’s cultures, customs, myths, and landscapes over the seasons. Through conversations, meetings, creative activities, walks, interviews, and meals ’The Pan Hag’ celebrates and shares memories and skills between different communities and areas.
Commissioned by Forma for East Durham Creates, the work is being developed between 2014 - 2016, with a final event and publication in late 2016.

If you have any memories or recipes of panhaggerty please do send them to me!