Gayle Chong Kwan

Microclimate (2017)

The Walled Garden at Normanby Hall and Gardens is the inspiration for Microclimate, Gayle Chong Kwan’s installation of photographic works and the sensory banquet which took place on 23 July and featured produce grown in this garden.
This new commission for Surroundings, a Humber Museums Partnership programme, explores the history of the walled garden, issues of growing produce out of season, and the politics of food production and waste.

The starting point for Microclimate is a series of Victorian photo-collages and cucumber straighteners displayed in the Gardener’s Hut. These glass vessels were first invented in the 1840s by the engineer George Stephenson, who also designed the first steam locomotive railway.
Elements and photographs from the sensory banquet are developed into a new panoramic photographic work, exhibited in the Library at Normanby Hall, from 12 August.

Surroundings is a programme of international artist residencies with environmental themes presented by Invisible Dust and Humber Museums Partnership.